Don’t Miss the Top 5 Running Trails in US

Running is a healthy exercise that people can enjoy anywhere. Running on trails is a much more enjoyable activity that plays a part in building your agility and strength depending on the type of trail you travel, Shape explains.

Let’s not make you wait any further and check out the top 5 running trails in US!

Acadia National Park

This easy 2.2-mile trail with a beach and ocean view will stun you with its beauty especially if you love the sea or if you are a lover of mountains.

The challenging miles of running up rough and rocky terrain will reward you with an amazing view of the sea from the mountain top. Fresh air, great view, amazing achievements, and relaxing or challenging runs are all offered by the Acadia National Park in Bar Harbour, Maine.

With several types of trails divided in the usual easy round green, medium square blue and difficult black diamond, all runners with any experience will enjoy the beauty of this landscape and maybe stay the night for a good rest in a nearby hotel.

Green Lakes – Soda Creek Trail

Located in Bend, Oregon, this is a trail loop of more than 12 miles that walks around the beauty of nature in Oregon and passes the Three Sisters Wilderness.

You will be able to enjoy the view of the snowy mountains, beautiful Cascade Lakes while getting mesmerized running along the pine forests and meadows.

You can bring your pet on this trail as long as they are restricted by a leash when entering the Three Sisters Wilderness, according to the law stated in USDA.

There will not be any stop or place to get water, so you will need to remember to bring your own. The best time to visit here is sunrise, according to Bendmagazine, where there are so few people and you can absorb the view all on your own (or with your pets).

Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park

This single-track trail is located in Jacksonville, Florida, where Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association (SORBA) is responsible for its maintenance.

The track is pretty easy and is accompanied with beautiful view of both the forest and the sea.

The track goes for 17 miles plus 3 miles of fire road and is open all year round. For intermediate to advanced runners, there are even harder trails to overcome in this park, such as the Z trail which is marked with black diamond according to Runner’sWorld recommendation by Lisa Jhung.

This is a commonly visited park where bikers, hikers and runners go through the various trails found in here. Locals and Navy like to use the trails for training too, so your run will definitely be accompanied.

Trapp Family Lodge Trails

When Von Trapp escaped from Austria and arrived in Stowe, Vermont in 1942, this lodge is where they first landed. If you have watched Sound of Music, this is where the story is based on and is still maintained well until today.

The trail starts with double-track trail which slowly narrow into a single track Luce Hill loop and is mostly smooth to rocky.

This 30-mile of track can be enjoyed at its best during the fall, where the forests show off their beauty by throwing colorful leaves to passing by runners.

This is also part of the Catamount trail that goes as long as 300 miles. It is also a shared trail where mountain bikers can also be met.

Bear Mountain State Park Trails

A few hours drive from Manhattan, there’s the Bear Mountain State Park in Tomkins Cove famous for its beautiful wide-open view for hikers and runners.

The length is 4.5 miles of loop track with many steep rocks and pretty rugged. This trail is pretty much visited by many people due to the beautiful view from the top and the various activities offered.

It is a good place to bring your family here together to spend some quality and exercise time while having fun together.

It was said in HiketheHudsonValley that in the Appalachian Trail, one among many for descending, is covered with 1000 stone steps that are placed manually without any machinery help.

You can even stop for a lunch or a picnic in the park and it is open year-round.

We all runners enjoy running on trails that connect us with wildlife and nature and their beauty. It is also part of our responsibilites to keep them that way by bringing out waste and trash together with us or help pick up some if possible.

And thus, we can become awesome, cool runners while enjoying the best 5 trails America has to offer!