A Guide To Running For A Healthy Life

Webmd as well as other notable researchers view Running as the most beneficial and feasible form of cardiovascular exercise. This is because it comes with a couple of advantages that the other exercises do not have.

In order to run, you do not have to pay gym subscription fee; or hire a trainer to train you. You can choose to run within the neighborhood or along the road alone, or with company.

5 Reasons Why Experts Recommend Running

1. Helps In Achieving Weight Loss

This is the most basic reason why most people run; either to lose weight or to maintain their weight.

Besides the body image, there are other health risks such as fatty liver disease, osteoarthritis and obesity which are associated with excessive weight. Running burns calories which lead to weight loss thus preventing obesity.

According to runnersworld.com, it has also shown that losing weight improves sleep quality. It has also shown that snoring has something to do with weight and if a person who snores loses at least 5% of their weight, they are most likely to stop snoring.

There are some kinds of pains such as joint pain that come as a result of increase in weight. One can beat this if they decide to run and shed off a little weight.

A clear and flawless skin is also associated with weight loss. This is because as you run, sweat is excreted and this ensures that toxic substances which would be the cause of acne and other skin related conditions are gotten rid of.

2. Improves Cardiovascular Health

The cardiovascular system, also known as the circulatory system is the system that allows blood to circulate throughout the body transporting nutrients and oxygen and also transporting wastes from the cells for excretion.

Running raises the pulse rate thus an increase in blood flow. This therefore means that nutrients and oxygen are transported faster to the organs that require them.

Running also ensures that homeostasis takes place effectively; meaning wastes are removed from the body to avoid accumulation which will result in toxicity within the body.

Experts from healthline have established that Cardio exercise like running help prevent the loss of bone mass. Loss of bone mass increases the risk of bone fractures that can occur as a result of aging.

3. Helps In Building Strong Bones

A 2011 survey by National Institutes of Health revealed that more than 40 million people in the United States suffer from Osteoporosis.

This is a condition characterized by weak bones that are easily broken. The bones could be the vital bones such as the vertebrae, hip or spine.

The recommendation for prevention of the disease was regular exercise, precisely running.

As one ages, their bone density decreases simultaneously, but in a person who runs regularly, the decrease is not likely to happen. It can therefore be concluded that those people who run regularly have stronger bones than those who are sedentary.

4. Preventing High Blood Pressure

Running plays a big role as far as blood pressure is concerned. In most instances, when a person is diagnosed with high blood pressure or is at a risk of getting a high blood pressure, a doctor would always recommend that they add running into their schedule in order to regulate their pressure.

Running makes the earth stronger; it can therefore pump blood with less effort thus decreasing the force on the arteries. This in turn lowers the blood pressure.

5. Improves Mental Health

Multiple studies carried out have revealed that running reduces depression. Running also has the benefit of sharpening the memory thus one can grasp content fast and retain it for a long time. It also eases anxiety; helps one to relax or have mild reactions to stress.

Running has also been proved to improve a person’s mood. This is because it stimulates the release of chemicals such as endorphins and serotonin which improve mood.

Most psychologists have recommended that the best treatment of depression is running regularly rather than medicine. Running also helps in the prevention of trauma.

Studies have shown that when one runs regularly, they understand their bodies and are able to create a resist shock that would have otherwise resulted in trauma.

Now you know why you need to run regularly. It is also important to wear the right type of shoes while running. This prevents or minimizes the risk of injury. After a good run, it is necessary to hydrate with enough fluids. This helps to recover the fluids lost during the exercise.