What To Eat Before And After You Run

Running can definitely take up most of your energy. If you don’t come prepared, you might end up in a difficult situation or worse, even a dangerous one.

You may not know it, but a good run doesn’t solely depend on your speed or performance. You also have to consider the food you eat.

Eating the right food will not only provide all the nutrients your body needs, but it will also help you fight exhaustion effectively.

After all, who would want to go into premature fatigue in the middle of a run?

If you are planning to commit yourself to running, you might want to consider munching on these foods first before and after hitting the pavement.


Bananas are known for its healthy dose of potassium, which is essential for long-distance running.

This nutrient can easily replenish all the consumed water and minerals in your body after a run.

It can also lower blood pressure and prevent other health complications.

Aside from that, bananas are rich in calories, most of which are from natural sugars that are easy to digest.

For a refreshing option, try making peanut butter and banana smoothie. All you have to do is combine one tablespoon of peanut butter, skim milk, a medium-sized banana, and ice cubes. Mix them all together until smooth.


OatmealThis typical breakfast is also perfect for a pre-workout snack.

It has lots of essential nutrients that your body needs, such as fiber and carbs.

It’s very customizable as well. You can take it with fruits, honey or even mix it with your favorite snacks.

For instance, this no-bake chocolate chip energy bites from Skinny Ms can turn your ordinary oatmeal into something yummier and healthier.

All you have to do is mix the oats, chia seeds, salt, cocoa powder, coconut, and banana puree. Then, form the mixture into bite-sized balls and refrigerate. You can now enjoy a delicious chocolate treat before and after your workout.


YOGURTThis delectable snack has the perfect combination of carbohydrates and proteins that makes it ideal to eat after a run.

It is also rich in calcium and probiotics, all of which are essential in improving your overall health.

Yogurt has been proven effective in speeding up recovery and protect your muscles after a tedious workout. It also boosts the immune system, keeping you away from illnesses.

You can spruce up this treat by adding fresh fruits or even a spoonful of peanut butter. You can also turn it into popsicles, perfect for the summer.

Dark Chocolate

Dark ChocolateWhile it’s true that eating too much chocolate could be bad for your health, it’s totally fine to treat yourself once in a while for all your hard work in exercise.

Dark chocolates, in particular, are beneficial, especially after running.

Aside from its ability to lower blood pressure and cholesterol level, it also helps in reducing inflammation. These sweet treats can also boost your mood, especially after an exhausting run.


SmoothiesThis cold treat offers several benefits, especially after a run.

Not only it is relatively quick to consume, but it also contains calories that are much easier to metabolize.

Aside from that, it’s also very easy to level up your smoothies into something more nutritious. You can boost it with carbs by simply adding fresh fruits, oats, or honey. You can even incorporate silken tofu or clean-eating protein powder for added protein.


CoffeeCoffee will not only keep you awake in the morning, but it can also help you improve your performance during a running session.

The caffeine content of coffee has been proven effective in boosting your body’s energy, allowing you to run faster and cover a longer distance.

Drinking coffee can also increase your urine input, which is essential in cleansing and taking out all the unnecessary chemicals in the body.


PotatoesJust like bananas, potatoes are an excellent source of potassium.

It also has a right amount of calories that can be beneficial for every runner’s diet.

Potatoes have vitamin A as well, an effective antioxidant that can improve your eyesight, strengthen bones, and boost the immune system.

For better results, you might want to pair those potatoes with salmon, lean chicken, or fried egg. Not only will it make even tastier, but it can help boost your